Crushed Stone

Our bulk materials are sold by the ‘cubic yard’ (27 cubic feet) and half ‘yard’. One yard covers approximately 100 square feet at 3 inches thick. All bulk materials are available by pick-up or delivery. All prices are subject to change without notice. Not all products are available at all times. Please call for current availability.
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crushed stone

2A Modified

    • Gray stone mixed with smaller stones and stone dust
    • Used mainly as a compacted sub base for patios, walls and driveways/roadways

    Per Yard – $36

    2B Clean Stone

        • A washed ¾” stone used for drainage, top dressing stone driveways and making concrete
        • Ideal for shed foundations and French drains, as it allows for water drainage

        Per Yard – $45

        1B Clean Stone

          A ½ ”gray decorative stone commonly used for driveways and walkways

          Per Yard – $51

          Screenings/Stone Dust

              • Made of very small stone particles
              • Mainly used for back filling pipes and hardscaping

              Per Yard – $36

              #3 and #4 Stone

                • We carry both sizes at all times
                • Used for high traffic, erosion control and heavy duty applications

                Per Yard – $44

                R-4 Rip Rap

                    • Mainly used for erosion control, steep slopes or anywhere else that is exposed to flowing water
                    • Can also be used to create a flow barrier for situations where water may damage the property

                    Per Yard – $55