About Us

About Shep’s Yard, Inc.

In 2008 Shep’s Yard was created as a landscape supply company by Christopher Shepsko. After graduating from The Pennsylvania State University in 2003 and working for larger landscaping companies, he came to understand our region was lacking a place in which customers could purchase landscape supplies. His vision was that home owners and contractors would utilize these materials in order to assist in their landscape contracting needs. While offering locally grown/produced/manufactured materials and products at reasonable and competitive pricing, his goal has always been to help sustain local economics and agriculture.

Christopher made a conscious decision to focus primarily on the retail aspect of selling supplies, instead of installation. He understands that our contractor customers are extremely valuable in the success of Shep’s Yard, Inc. and therefore did not want to jeopardize their loyalty by also doing design/build/installation work. Gratefully, with a tremendous amount of hard work, diligence and organization, our family owned and operated business has flourished. We have established ourselves within the Phoenixville regional community and have become a pillar for our residential and commercial customers. When beginning new landscape projects, our customers come to Shep’s Yard for expert customer service, advice and consultation. They trust our experience and understanding of landscape construction and maintenance, and know that our team always has their best interests in mind.

Our Mission

Shep’s Yard is dedicated to sustaining local economics and agriculture, while providing quality materials at a reasonable price. Our goal is to provide exceptional and courteous customer services and expertise. We are continually trying to enhance and further advance Shep’s Yard so that it functions at it’s optimal level. Unparalleled organization and determination is always in the forefront of our goals, and is recognized by our customers. We strive to create and foster an environment that is functional and enjoyable for our employees and customers. We know that with all of these facets, we’re able to create a successful and prosperous business.

about shep's yard

SHEP’S YARD is a member of the PA PREFERRED program, and a registered nursery with the PA Department of Agriculture.  Above all else, our goal is to source the vast majority of our products and materials from LOCAL outlets.  We believe that a very important component of wholesome business practices is to support our local community of retailers, growers and producers.  Our motto has always been, “If we can buy locally, we can succeed locally.”  And we’re very grateful that our loyal customers appreciate and support these efforts.